Ruth-Ann and I share a summer market table at the Old Church Farmer’s Market, Saturdays 9 – 2 pm, at the old Hillsborough Village Church and Oliver’s bakery, 2807 Main Street, here in Hillsborough NB.  

Fundy Mud Pottery is about processing and firing the  local Fundy mud I gather in summer between my house and ‘The Rocks,’ while Ruth-Ann’s entity is her original limited edition Linocut Prints and cards.

Pottery as it happens on fundyheather flickr:

first Raku tea bowl

Like everybody, this year, me and my usual suspects just want to survive, so I’m just selling at the Market with a bit of fun stuff over at Fundy Farms Farm stand until the pandemic lifts. Hope to do some bigger pots, experimental work and build at the camp.  Have a zen garden under construction for myself, and my equipment is out doing a few projects for others, a dike repair last.   

Was nominated for the opportunity to help my little Farmers Market through a phase where we moved into self management under a new name requiring new accounts, signs and display furniture of recycled church pews.  After our first days we look successful despite our covid limitations.   

Taking the Rav drum and bansuri to the market busking with whoever comes by.  Clown OleStar got donated nice pair of cowboy boots to go with that Pink Church leather fringe jacket.  Not going to match his boler, or tophat, if he cares.  Ruth-Ann’s Friends of Fundy did a film shoot about her Linocuts.  I made the coffee and played Rav in the background. 

Off to the Albert County Museum with some pieces for a special art show July 25th in the Court House.  I have a monster maple root table on wheels, some personal pottery… not for sale.  An original Lars Larson is  out of hiding, Tim, Karen, Wendy, Norm, lots of the usual suspects have pieces in the show just held over by request.  Just hearing about another art/music gig at Fundy Farms in August, may play there if they feed me, and I’m playing Rav August 10 at the Elgin Country Store during the Friends of Fundy Rising Tide festival  under my 1 man band name Jampan.       

Fundyheather flickr Processing Fundy Mud:

prospecting shale for pottery clay amendment

Come for tea if you can find me.  Hint: look for an iron fish on the road barn, and a Thunderbird carving beside the door to my so called studio.  I don’t sell from the porch here, just drink King Cole with who ever comes by while plotting world domination.


Nice portrait on my business card?  From a painting by a friend I miss: