Ruth-Ann and I share a summer market table at the Hillsborough Farmer’s Market, Saturdays 9 – 2 pm, at the old Hillsborough Village Church, 2807 Main Street, here in Hillsborough NB.  

Fundy Mud Pottery is about processing and firing the  local Fundy mud I gather between my house and ‘The Rocks,’ while Ruth-Ann’s entity is her original limited edition Linocut Prints and cards.

Fundy Mud Mocha is my nano coffee blend operation mixing local roast beans with raw unprocessed cocao.  (More buzz than my beehives.)

Pottery as it happens on fundyheather flickr:

first Raku tea bowl

I sell at the Market, Fundy Farms Stand, Cape Enrage Gift shop, with a bit at Farmer Browns Greenhouse (&fbook) my special ‘Pink Church‘ girls.  Sometimes at Studio On the Marsh

Fall 2019 we started doing art pop-ups out of the side of the rusty ’89 Dodge Lanshark with Ruth-Ann, my side kicks, a travelling pottery wheel.  Roadshow at Fundy Farms, the Alma fleet launch and a Farmer Brown event where OleStar, held a free kids Clown music class on the Rav Vast, with accompaniment on the big E-base bansuri.  Wrapped the Old Fashion Christmas at the Market, Seedy Saturday will be our next show on March 7 at the Kiwanis.  OldStar hasn’t told me any future dates, if he even knows. (he doesn’t tell me anything except he just bought the Zoom Q4N sound and video recorder.  What do you figure he will do with that?)

fundyheather flickr Processing Fundy Mud:

prospecting shale for pottery clay amendment


Tested another wild clay from Keswick Ridge (samples collected by the family) gave it all away to good homes, then more blew in.  Better clay than I struggle with here, have places to sell it, but developing a rural resource near Fredericton involving even a small shovel in the ground is just asking for trouble.  Might do it yet.  Dirt and I are in talks.  

Moved the sawmill up to the next log cabin site.

About 1000 lbs of clay gathered into buckets for the winter season.

Have some other potters playing  with me now in January.  Just made a big ugly pot in a test fire of my gas kiln under construction.  My big brick electric kiln is dissolving, probably about 1 year out from a big rebuild – if it can be saved.   

I make signs now and then, design in Acad, cut letters on an antique Roland vinyl cutter and hand paint everything.  Last did a temporary sign for Curryville Community Center.  Next?  Resuscitating a Gerber GS-15 sandblast mask cutter discard that would help me sign into rock and live edge timber.  Still waiting for parts, but have the obscure serial communications working on old GPS and pen plotter cables left over from my prospecting days.  Hit it with my Acad road-building leftovers and got it jumping at least.     

Meanwhile, back in the shop, added a lab oven, installed new air control valves to reclaim an odd air powered press rig… testing making plates on it today. 

Received back a couple of Fundy Mud pots Ralph Simpson wove with local river rush (Juncus effusis.)  Sold one and displaying the other one to great acclaim.  Ralph is an international force in basketry, last having his weaving buds from the Czech Republic here in our Zen Garden.  

Come for tea if you can find me.  Hint: look for an iron fish on the road barn, and a Thunderbird carving beside the door to my so called studio.  I don’t sell from the porch here, just drink King Cole with who ever comes by while plotting world domination.


Nice portrait on my business card?  From a painting by a friend I miss: