Ruth-Ann and I share a summer market table at the Hillsborough Farmer’s Market, summer Saturdays 9 – 2 pm, at the old Hillsborough Village Church, 2807 Main Street in Hillsborough NB.  

My adventure, Fundy Mud Pottery, is about processing and firing the  local Fundy mud I gather between Hillsborough and ‘The Rocks,’ while Ruth-Ann’s entity is original limited edition Linocut Prints and cards.

Pottery as it happens on my fundyheather flickr:

first Raku tea bowl

I sell at the Market, May weekend to Thanksgiving, all summer at the Fundy Farms Farm Stand, Cape Enrage Gift shop, with Ollas over at Farmer Browns Greenhouse – might have a little line just for ‘Pink Church’ coming soon.  

Fundy Farms 3578 route 114 Edgetts Landing NB

Pink Church 4060 route 114 Hopewell Cape

I pot toward Joseon Onggi and pre Celtic ancestral Beaker Culture styles.  My ultimate personal mission is to make one ‘good’ t-bowl… would look like something  Hamada discarded.

Starting with over 80% raw wet local river clay, I add ‘secret herbs and spices‘ firing almost to a melt… getting an attractive sheen even when I don’t get around to glaze it.

Processing my Fundy Mud, mining shale, secret herbs and spices:

prospecting shale for pottery clay amendment

Still testing another wild clay from Keswick Ridge and giving away the samples.  Have just a handful of Keswick Mud t-bowls left.

Other activities?  Stone stairs need railings, big gas kiln build needs tested, (controls are in Italian.)  Moved the sawmill to another log cabin build if I can get back to the forest again.  My big welder is departed, need to break the ‘tig‘ out or go back to open flame and smoke where I started.  Have a lot of half built furniture that needs iron legs.  Looking at my old clown stuff, might bring Star back from the last century.  He can visit your business in the case you want to take it down at least to the next level… that would be like about my level.

Now playing… the bansuri, a north west India flute Krishna used to pick up chicks.  The G-bass will tag along in western pop style, and is the largest model that can be readily learned.  The target, of course, is to play the big classical Hindustani E-bass, which is more emotional instrument than musical instrument.  My fingers, ruined in stone work can’t reach the holes, so I ‘had a’ butcher it a bit.  Still waiting for my Rav Vast b Kurd, being built in Perm, Russia.  It appears a match for the E-bass, just have to see.

Come for tea if you can find me.  Hint: look for an iron fish on the road barn, and a Thunderbird carving beside the door to my so called studio.  I don’t sell from the porch here, just drink King Cole with who ever comes by while I plot world domination.



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Building Furniture and whatever else comes to mind:

bed chair

Garden design/build… and rock, my specialty for many years… until it got heavy:

moon gate