Fundy Mud Pottery is primarily sold at our summer market table, at Old Church Farmers Market, Saturdays 9 – 2 pm, right beside Oliver’s bakery, 2807 Main Street, here in Hillsborough NB, where I live, and… play!

When my perfect video friend Ryan, who did Ruth-Ann’s Linocut film gets mine on my mud gathering process finished (coming soon) it will go here.

Have some pieces available at Pink Church, Fundy Farmstand, Cape Enrage, and Studio on the Marsh.  That’s it, just a small production, don’t sell on line.  I prefer you come to lower Albert County and meet my friends more than I want to sell anything.  If you can do just 1 thing, take in the Albert County Museum Quilt Show in early July.   

Summer I gather and process local Fundy mud between my house and ‘The Rocks,‘  play this Rav Drum and this bass 2.3 Shakuhachi  under the name Jampan, and have as much fun as possible with pottery, artsy wood work, film, forest, farm and construction projects.  (I failed retirement.)

New in the shop For 2021, a lovely soul gifted me a Powermatic 3520 wood lathe I’m fooling with.  Got in a BCS 2 wheel tractor to work beside my killer 84 Honda trike in the woodlot, and any gardens I might bump into.  

For time well wasted, wander my Flickr archive:       

Pottery as it happens on fundyheather flickr:

first Raku tea bowl


My portrait from a painting by a friend I miss: