Ruth-Ann and I share a summer market table at the Hillsborough Farmer’s Summer Market Saturday 9 – 2 pm, at the old Hillsborough Village Church, 2807 Main Street in Hillsborough NB. (see map way down below.)  My little adventure, Fundy Mud Pottery, is mainly concerned with processing and firing local river clay, while Ruth-Ann’s entity is her original limited edition Linocut Prints and cards.

I pretty much only direct sell here in Albert County… have pots sitting in Europe, Australia, South America and beyond.

Some of my pieces are for sale at The Fundy Farms farm stand in Hopewell Cape, and at the Cape Enrage gift shop.  Also have a ‘pop up’ event coming soon.  I like ancient Korean and pre Celtic Beaker Culture themes.  I fire this local mud to a melt, so it has an attractive sheen even when I don’t get around to glaze it.

Other activities?  finished our Zen garden, finished a big hiking trail adjacent to The Rocks, rebuilt our willow garden, new stone stairs out front waiting for railings, built a building to home my gas kiln.  The controls on the gas kiln are in Italian, just trying now to understand all the functions… still have some more parts to fix before a test fire.  Hoping to restart my ‘small home’ project again about the time the snow comes for me.  I expect to be home all winter making pots, come for tea if you can find me.

email:, or ask the locals where we might be hiding…

for time really well wasted, join my pottery and other adventures on my Fundyheather flickr albums!

Pottery as it happens:

first Raku tea bowl

Processing dug clay, mining shale, secret herbs and spices:

prospecting shale for pottery clay amendment

Building Furniture and whatever else comes to mind:

bed chair

Garden design/build… and rock

moon gate