Fundy Mud Pottery, made of local clay I dig and process, is sold at our summer market table, Old Church Farmers Market, Saturdays, 2807 Main Street, in Hillsborough NB, where I play B Kurd Rav Drum and bass 2.3 Shakuhachi as Jampan – hold court, tell lies, while enjoying donuts and lemon squares.   

My video friend Ryan, (who also did Ruth-Ann’s Linocut film) partnered with me to produce a Fundy Mud gathering and clay processing music video showing my clay harvesting process : 

I have a small winter by the stove retirement production, don’t sell on line, but appear at local art and music events if invited.  Sometimes I fire up The Albert County Hysterical Society, a secret society so secret members don’t realize who they are – but unwittingly find themselves caught up in mass hysteria. Lately listed with CLIMATE ART WEB as a ‘Northern Turtle Island artist invested in creative projects related to climate change, environmental justice, sustainability, and place-based care and relationships.’  Kind of a wrapper for the spatter of community projects I do. 

Showing this year with Harm to Harmony at Sunbury Shores, and in Fredericton, along with Jampan.  May go to Fundy Farms Aug 14, and perhaps a St John event I see just coming together.    

Still Testing a dug NB porcelain, still using ‘highland shale,’ and Fundy Mud.