Fundy Mud Pottery is sold at our summer market table, Old Church Farmers Market, Saturdays 9 – 2 pm, beside Oliver’s bakery, 2807 Main Street, in Hillsborough NB, where I play this B Kurd Rav Drum and this bass 2.3 Shakuhachi under the name Jampan.  

My perfect video friend Ryan, who did Ruth-Ann’s Linocut film lately partnered with me to film my Fundy Mud gathering and clay processing: 

I have just a small winter by the stove in retirement production, don’t sell on line or from my studio, but I appear at local art and music events every now and then.  May see you there!  

For time well wasted, wander my pottery Flickr archive:       

Pottery as it happens on fundyheather flickr:

first Raku tea bowl