‘sound of a dragonfly wing at rest’

Fundy Mud Pottery, of local clay, is sold at our summer market table Old Church Farmers Market Saturdays 2807 Main Street Hillsborough NB, where I play B Kurd Rav Drum and bass 2.3 Shakuhachi as Jampan with passing children.   

Best video friend Ryan, (who did Ruth-Ann’s Linocut film) partnered to produce a Fundy Mud ‘wild clay’ gathering and processing music video: 

Have just a small winter by the stove retirement production, don’t sell on-line, play music at art events, make music for mine and others video backing tracks.  I’m with CLIMATE ART WEB and the NB Conservation Council Harm To Harmony art group… seem to rebuild kilns and everything else rather a lot.

Is it 2023?  Finished several copper shakuhachi flutes, keeping a favoured A and a B.  Rebuilt a West African Kora bin find.  Made several great big pots and wall sconces for the Throwdown.  First gig, the ‘Frolic’, is over with more engagements coming.  I’m recording new stuff in my home studio…. finished our Curryville Forest Funeral youtube video and a poet Ramneet overdub for a live show opening this summer in Curryville Hall.  Hosted my first ‘wild clay’ mentorship, where I got more out of it than I gave.       

tea bowl
Personal Fundy Mud tea bowl with pewter kintsugi repair and wave texture.

Another ‘small home,’ of recycled materials. Just put in a made up woodstove, loft, enough solar to turn on the lights. I come here to process materials, listen to the river, but in the music link below, hear all my work ambition wash away…      

       email at Fundymudpottery@gmail.com to talk mud or construction


 Above is co-rabblization with Ralph Simpson featured at Sunbury Shores

Said goodbye to the Big Ugly Pot. Conservation Council Of NB will use it for letters to the 15th meeting of the parties on Biodiversity in Montreal, then re-gift it to Nature Canada. Made of my dug Fundy Mud as a once-fire cone 04, with porcelain slip sourced from mine tailing pond waste.