Fundy Mud Pottery, of local clay I dig and process, is sold at our summer market table, Old Church Farmers Market, Saturdays, 2807 Main Street Hillsborough NB, where I play B Kurd Rav Drum and bass 2.3 Shakuhachi as Jampan with passing children.   

My video friend Ryan, (who also did Ruth-Ann’s Linocut film) partnered with me to produce a Fundy Mud gathering and clay processing music video showing my clay harvesting process : 

I have a small winter by the stove retirement production, don’t sell on-line, but appear at local art and music events if invited… lately listed with CLIMATE ART WEB.  

Fundy Mud showed, and Jampan played this year with Harm to Harmony at Sunbury Shores, and in Fredericton, all market Saturdays.  Next playing background ambience at Fundy Farms for their Sept 1 forest feast.  

Second small home, this one of recycled fish plant siding, warehouse racking frame, freezer panel floor, insulated steel door cutout exterior with scrap stainless and saw mill waste slabs inside.  Setting it aside again for other projects now that the windows and shutters are complete.  Likely do a wood stove and 12v electrical late in Fall.     

I listen to the river in Albert County here.  Listen for yourself to the brook babble behind  this recording by Jampan


And the Fundy waves where I harvest my clay behind: