Emily at Sea
Ringing Waves
Water Bells
Sarah’s Sleepy Eyes
Clara’s Sleepy Eyes
a wander
Rav Zen Elevator Music
Sleepy Fundy Waves
Demoiselle Creek Babble
Rav and shakuhachi duet at Sunbury Shores H&H show
Emerise put my music under this art piece!
shakuhachi from recycled copper plumbing – very edgy, easy to distort, made 6 so far. Listen to this one on the Curryville Clearcut video.
Green Floyd band backing trac… also used in the Curryville Clearcut Video.
Aspen Lady, Rav b Kurd +
Miss Mona Yoga -distorted shakuhachi ‘B’ yoga music
Ring My Yoga Waves -distorted Rav, play low volume
Beach Wind Yoga -distorted shakuhachi ‘B’ yoga music, Fundy waves & wind
Fundy Wave Guides